COVID Concerns and Preparation

Like many, we’re concerned about COVID and we’re doing everything we can to keep it out of our practice and our homes. You play a part, too. If you’re feeling unwell, or have had exposure to someone with COVID-19, please reschedule your appointment. We care deeply about your child’s dental health, but above all, we care about the health of your child, your family, our family here at Sprout Dental and our families at home. 

Below are a few questions, our COVID-19 questionnaire (that must be completed on the day of your appointment only) and instructions and guidance on what to expect once you get here. 

Questions to answer before you come. 

Does your child have symptoms of, or have they recently had: 

– Persistent fever? 

– Rash or change in skin color? 

– Red eyes or conjunctivitis? 

– Abdominal pain? 

– Swollen Lymph nodes? 

 Does anyone in your family have signs or symptoms of: 

– Fever? 

– Shortness of breath? 

– Loss of sense of taste or smell? 

– Dry cough? 

– Runny nose? 

– Sore throat? 

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, please contact our office as soon as possible to discuss further. If you answered all “nos” and you feel you’re healthy and safe to come to your appointment, you must complete our COVID-19 questionnaire. (Again, this form must be completed on the day of your appointment only and will be texted or emailed to you for completion in advance of your appointment.) 

Instructions to follow once you’re here: 
We are trying our best to limit the comings and goings of unnecessary people in our practice. We ask that to the extent you are comfortable, that you consider sending your child in alone. We understand some parents are more comfortable with this than others. If you choose to enter the practice, know we will be scanning your drivers license. Additionally, you and all patients over two years of age MUST WEAR A MASK. 

To save time and touchpoints, please remember you can complete or update your medical forms before your appointment. You’ll receive a text or email the day of. 

Upon your arrival, please call or text us from the parking lot. Please tell us your name, parking space number, and make and model of your car. We will follow up with instructions when we are ready for your child. This may be meeting you at your car or asking you to meet us at a door: green, blue, or orange. 

If you choose to stay outside, we appreciate it. If there is a balance due, we will send instructions. Please know bills can now be paid online anytime at