For Babies

The First Dental Visit for Children up to Two Years of Age.

Try to get your little sprout in to see us either six months after your child’s first tooth comes in or by age one…whichever comes first. With children this age, we’ll ask parents to help out during the appointments. Your child may even sit in your lap. One thing to remember, crying is okay during the first few exams. (For your child that is.) Dentistry is a completely foreign concept for such a young child. Over time we’ll build trust, though.

At this first visit, we’ll examine the mouth and look for signs of decay, oral disease, and any history of trauma to the teeth. We’ll also check on gum health and make sure that teeth are growing and developing normally. Depending on the cooperation of your child, we will clean your child’s teeth with a simple toothbrush or use our dental spin brush and tools to remove any stains or deposits on the teeth. Dr. Kady will assess your child’s systemic and topical fluoride status and provide the necessary fluoride and counseling required for your child’s individual needs.

The goal of these baby visits is preventive care and dental education. Coming to Sprout gives your child an advantage. The Doctors at Sprout Dental will educate you on how to prevent baby tooth decay and answer any questions you might have about your child’s teeth. It’s important to understand that your dental health directly affects your child’s dental health.

Topics that will be covered are teething, bottle use and breastfeeding, no-spill training cups, pacifier and thumbsucking, diet, injury prevention, fluoride, and oral hygiene instructions.