For Children with Special Needs

The first dental visit for individuals with special health care needs.

A trip to the dentist can be intimidating for any child, but it can be even moreso for children with special needs. 

When parents and guardians bring their children to our office, we do our best to make sure the child is comfortable from the getgo. Working with our Special Care Coordinator, Casey Jennings, we identify ways to make the experience as safe, calm, and rewarding for children and their supports. By talking with parents, we can identify opportunities to help children relax. Whether kids like a special show, need an extra comforting hand, or maybe need just a little more time to settle in, customized services are available so we can accommodate our patients and care for them in an effective and efficient manner. As we build comfort, we make sure to document what supports work best and document them so that your child's unique care needs are offered at each subsequent visit.