White Fillings

We hope no one ever needs one of these.

Through education and proper preventative care, the plan is to keep cavities out of the mouth not need to put fillings in. But if decay occurs, and we catch it early, we can remove it and put a filling in its place.

At Sprout Dental, we only use white fillings. We feel white fillings are best because we can place them without removing as much healthy tooth material. Plus, we can seal them, too. The other reason we prefer white fillings as opposed to silver ones is composition. Silver or "amalgam" fillings contain mercury. Although there is a lot of supportive literature out there that state that this is a safe restorative material, we'd just prefer not to chance it.

When filling the tooth, Dr. Kady may also recommend a white filling that also releases additional fluoride to prevent recurring decay on the tooth being restored as well as providing additional protection to the teeth next door. Oh, fluoride. Find out more.