Dr. Susan Granquist is a Honesdale native, and excited to be helping us “grow healthy smiles” at our original Honesdale office. Dr. Susan is a graduate of Honesdale High School and continued her education at Penn State University where she majored in Psychology with a minor in Italian. (Yes, she can tell you how to say “brush your teeth” in Italian. We’ll let her share that with you when you come see her.)

Dr. Susan completed her dental education at the Kornberg School of Dentistry, part of Temple University’s Health System. She then spent almost ten years practicing dentistry locally before taking some time off for one of the other “best jobs” there is, being a mom to two young children Carl and Anna.

When she’s not busy growing healthy smiles at Sprout Dental, she’s busy growing vegetables in her garden including bushels and bushels of blueberries. In the colder months, the Granquists make their own maple syrup, and year-round they enjoy taking their dog Rocket to explore the miles and miles of hiking trails scattered throughout Honesdale and Northeast Pennsylvania.