Born in India, Dr. Soumya Immella (pronounced like Sonya, just with an m) moved to the Lehigh Valley when she was ten. After enjoying her middle and high school years in Stroudsburg, she ventured west to State College. As a Nittany Lion, she earned high honors as a Biology graduate with a minor in Psychology. And from the Happy Valley she moved to the City of Brotherly Love to attend Temple University School of Dentistry before making her way to the Missouri to learn big things about little smiles at NYU Langone's Midwestern Campus. There, as chief resident, she gained expertise in advanced behavioral techniques, hospital dentistry, trauma, hygiene, and prevention.

Some of her patients call her Dr. Ella, which is funny given her experience as a shoe sales associate between college and dental school. This time taught her a lot about customer service and composure along with affirming the understanding that everyone deserves the perfect fit, an approach she applies to her pediatric dentistry by taking an individualized and holistic approach to each patient’s unique needs. She also brings humor, sincerity, and songs to the treatment room, to help put patients at ease.

As a skilled technician with an artistic touch, (growing up she dreamed of being an artist in Italy, and in her free time she enjoys painting and pottery), Dr. Immella is excited to be serving her community close to home. When she’s not in the office she’s happy at home in her garden, or staring at a canvas in her art studio, or a ball of clay waiting on a wheel, and occasionally in her driveway polishing her skills as a roller skater. (Don’t worry, she wears wrist guards.)

We’re excited by Dr. Souyma’s attitude and aptitude when it comes to dentistry, but we’re also super excited for all our upcoming potlucks so we can try her Double Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and many other recipes she hopes to someday feature on her own baking blog. We’ll set the timer for launch.