For Toddlers and Little Tykes

The First Dental Visit For children ages 2 to 6.

For kids these age, our hope is that they’ll be excited to see us and hop right into the dental chair on their own. (Okay, maybe not the first visit, but hopefully the second.) Depending on your child’s age and our relationship, we may present the option of having you there at the appointment, in the room with us. Some children, though, do best when their parents stay in the waiting room. Many of our behavior management approaches work best this way, too.

At this age, we’ll continue our focus on preventive care and education. Compared to appointments for younger children, where the education is primarily for the parent, this education will include your child as well. Children between 2 and 6 can really start asserting themselves when it comes to handling their own oral health. Although we will be helping your child learn how to care about their teeth, it’s
important that you continue to help them brush every morning and night.

At the first appointment we’ll assess whether your child requires any xrays, clean your child’s teeth and finish with an exam and any necessary fluoride. Following the cleaning we’ll talk with you and your child
about the important connections between diet and dental health, and discuss other topics like thumb sucking, toothbrushes, grinding, injury prevention, braces, sealants, and speech.