Honesdale, Sprout Dental's original dental home.

This is where it all started in 2013, at a small office in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, Dr. Kady Schloesser’s hometown.

Dr. Kady, together with her family, converted an old home into Sprout Dental’s original office. With the growth of the Sprout, the office grew too. We doubled its size, then outgrew it again. The building has served administrative purposes since the move to Hamlin in 2019, but as of January 2023, it is open again for patients.

Dr. Sue Granquist will be seeing all those smiles in Honesdale. She’s joined by some of our friendliest Hamlin faces including Jenn, Re’anne, Mary, and Jesse.

At this time, please know that Honesdale is only open Mondays and Wednesdays. Schedule an appointment today.

Sprout Dental Honesdale
177 Sunrise Avenue
Honesdale, PA 18431
P: 570-253-0358
F: 570-352-3395
E: honesdale@sproutdental.com