Parental Presence

Having dental work can be a tough experience for anyone. At Sprout Dental, we recognize that a parent can both help and hinder the behavior of a child during difficult visits. So, you may be welcome to stay, or you may be asked to leave. It depends.

For most treatments, we welcome parents back into the treatment room if you’re wanting to come. Parents can provide comfort and confidence.

If you are in the room, we ask that you remain a “silent observer,” and support your child by presence only. We need your child to focus their attention on the doctor performing the treatment and remain undistracted.

We’d also encourage you to consider leaving your child on their own for the treatment. We have found that if a child begins to feel uncomfortable, their natural inclination is to look to their parents or guardian for comfort and support. And when they look, they reach, and they get antsy, and things can go downhill fast.

When parents aren’t in the room, we’ve seen incredible things happen. Kids can find their own strength to finish the procedure. And we celebrate this when it happens. We recognize it as a huge accomplishment that they did something very difficult on their own. So, if we see an opportunity to let your child shine through the struggle, and we ask you to leave the room, please honor our request.