Baby Teeth

Why primaries are important.

Primary teeth promote proper chewing and eating. They also set a good example for permanent teeth by guiding them into the right spot when their time comes. Primaries are also important for proper speech. These are just a few reasons to take care of them. Plus, we haven’t even talked about the fact that problems with primary teeth can often carry over to permanent teeth.

That’s why when baby teeth get cavities we often recommend filling them. Sure, you’re probably thinking, “Won’t they fall out eventually?” They will, but some baby teeth are meant to stay in the mouth until age 12! That means a small cavity, at let’s say age 5, will surely result in pain and infection if it needs to stay in the mouth until age 12! What is also important to understand is that cavities are CONTAGIOUS!

Never let a small cavity fester. It will continue to spread to healthy teeth and grow like wild fire. This can be a dangerous situation when the permanent teeth come in. Yup, those cavities will move from the baby
teeth to the permanent teeth…and those teeth DON’T fall out!