Pregnancy & Prenatal Dental Care

Healthy smiles start early.

Healthy mouths are important to moms and their unborn children. There are links between gum health and the health of the unborn baby. Moms with poor oral health will pass cavity-causing bacteria to their babies as soon as their teeth begin to erupt.

That’s why we encourage all mothers to:
– Visit the dentist regularly.
– Brush and floss daily.
– Eat healthier foods that are low in sugar…especially beverages.
– Share jokes, laughs, smiles, pie, ice cream, and other fun and beautiful things with your children, but keep your utensils to yourself.
– When buying gum, look for brands that have xylitol in them. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that decreases plaque formation and inhibits bacteria from growing or spreading to your child. You can lower the bacteria levels in your mouth by chewing gum with xylitol after meals and snacks.