Have you noticed your child struggling with speech? Maybe their appetite isn't what it should be? Or are you a breastfeeding mother looking for a stronger connection with your newborn baby?

We know the feelings. We've been there before. As parents and providers, we have shared in these struggles. And where we've struggled, we've built strength.

The underlying cause of these conditions is Ankyglossia. It’s a mouthful of a word, and it’s also the scientific name for tongue ties.

The good news is that at Sprout Dental, we untie tongues and lips through a procedure called a frenectomy. Using an infrared diode laser, we dissolve the tissue under the tongue or lip to help them move more freely and function as intended.

The laser doesn’t cut anything. Instead, it uses light energy to vaporize the excess tissue. It’s an approach that’s gentle enough for some babies and children to sleep through. The laser also helps limit bleeding, and it sterilizes at the touch to help reduce infection.  

It’s not to say there won’t be discomfort. There might be, but it will be minimal and can easily be addressed with OTC pain medications if necessary. Whether the baby sleeps for the procedure or remains awake, mothers who are struggling to breastfeed can begin to see improvements immediately.

Not only will breastfeeding calm your baby, but the milk will aid in healing. Latching may be difficult at first, but it should get better within an hour. Be patient. If your child had a posterior tongue tie, it may take longer, even a few weeks, before you see the benefits of the procedure. Again, patience is key. 

Frenectomy consultations can often be scheduled the same day, please call Dr. Kady at 570-253-0358. 

Please know with frenectomy appointments you will need to complete new patient paperwork and a Frenectomy questionairre. All can be found here