Breastfeeding can be one of the most rewarding experiences a mother can have. It can also be one of the most challenging.

For some mothers the connection comes immediately and effortlessly. For others, it’s not as simple. Improvements can come with time, but so can disappointment if things don’t change.

There are physical and emotional factors at play that impact the bond, experience and outcomes of breastfeeding for you and your child. Where do you look for answers? Have you tried nipple shields? Or have you simply nursed through the pain?  

Have you looked inside your baby’s mouth? Probably not, right? Why would you?

Breastfeeding heartaches can frequently be caused by a condition called ankyloglossia. It’s a mouthful of a word, but it’s actually the scientific name for tongue ties, and it’s the reason many moms and babies struggle with breastfeeding. Tongue- and lip-ties weaken the connection, so we seek to strengthen it.

Working with our in-house Lactation Consultant, Jesse Olver, CBS, we offer a range of breastfeeding supports and services. One of the best, is on-site assistance with Frenectomies here at our office.

For frenectomies we use a safe diode laser to dissolve the tissue limiting the movement of the tongue, the lip, or both…simply with light energy. And because there is no cutting involved, we’re able to limit bleeding while sterilizing at the touch to reduce infection. It’s over in a matter of minutes. Moms and babies are then invited to breastfeed while still on site, with Jesse there to assist if mom would like.

Lactation services at Sprout Dental go beyond assisting with frenectomies and recovery, offering a range of supports to help mothers and children on their journey. Email our lactation consultant Jesse Olver, BCS, to set up a consultation and see how we can help.

Frenectomy consultations can often be scheduled the same day, please call Dr. Kady at 570-253-0358. 

Please know with frenectomy appointments you will need to complete new patient paperwork and a Frenectomy questionairre. All can be found here