Mobile Check-In

We know it’s great having all your children’s dental health forms out of the way before your appointment. It makes things easier and streamlines your appointment. Being finished with your forms in advance may even put a smile on your face. And, when you get here you can relax and laugh at the movie in the Reception area.

We’ll do our part by sending you forms the morning of your appointment. (To keep everything fresh and current.) Expect a text and/or email at minimum an hour before your appointment. Click the link, and, ta-da, complete them at your convenience. Like even in our parking lot once you get here. And if you don’t get the text or if you don’t get a chance to fill them out before your appointment, don’t worry, we’ll be happy to help you once you’re here. 

If you really want to fill out your forms before your appointment, and wondering where your text is, call or text us at 570-253-0358 and we’ll make sure you get them. (We can only send them the day of. Apologies in advance.)