Pulpotomies & Stainless Steel Crowns

Crowns for your little prince or princess.

Sometimes, a white filling won’t suffice due to the extent of the damage or the degree of decay on your child’s tooth. Our pediatric dentists evaluate each child individually based on the nature and severity of decay, and how much longer we can expect the tooth to stay in the child’s mouth.

In cases like these, our doctors may recommend a stainless steel crown. The stainless steel crown will function as a strong supportive covering that sits on top of the remaining tooth structure. Once placed, your child will be able to chew normally and the tooth itself will loosen and fall out like a regular baby tooth.

Your young little prince or princess may be wondering, how do I care for my crown? Do I need to polish it? Will I get to put gems in it? There’s no need to polish it, and you won’t get gems in it, sorry, but you do need to stay away from sticky foods, but we encourage that for everyone.