Insurance Providers, Partners, and Processes

Sprout Dental has what we call a “fair fee” structure. That means fees for services are the same whether patients have a dental insurance program or not.

We consider it a courtesy to patients to complete and submit insurance forms on their behalf. Keep in mind, though, that various insurance programs can cover as little as 30% of the visit or as much as 80%. Very few cover 100%, and almost every dental plan limits dollar disbursement by the insurer.

It’s important to note that our office doesn’t determine policy benefits. We cannot be responsible for structuring your plan. This a pre-existing and pre-determined arrangement between you, perhaps your employer, and your insurance provider.

In the most basic sense, insurance is a contract between the policyholder and the company. We aren’t an insurance company, but we do our best to help you collect legitimate claims.

Importantly, our services are provided at your request. Should your insurance carrier be slow to pay, or for some reason dismisses the claim, payment becomes your responsibility.

Before we begin any treatment, you must be prepared to pay. We accept cash, check, and most major credit cards. We will provide all information necessary to resolve referrals, but request that the insured (the patient) provides this information to the insurer.  Our payment is due from the insured at the time of the visit.

Should you hope to have us submit your insurance benefits, we require insured’s birthdate, social security number, ID number, name and address of employer, occupation, policy number, plan or group number, whichever is applicable.