Parental Presence

Parents can help or hinder the dental experience.

Having dental work can be a tough experience for anyone. At Sprout Dental, we recognize that a parent can both help and hinder the behavior of a child during difficult visits.  You will not be asked to leave your child unless you are comfortable leaving them in our care.  We do ask that if you stay in the room that you remain a "silent observer" and support your child by presence only.  The focus and attentiion should be on the doctor performing the treatment. It is essential that they listen to the doctor's instructions and remain undistracted by parents in the room.

We have found that if a child begins to feel uncomfortable, their natural inclination is to look to their parents or guardian for comfort and support. This can lead to a quick unraveling and failed dental treatment. When not given that option, most children find their own strength to finish the procedure. We always recognize this as a huge accomplishment and your child will leave knowing that they accomplished something very difficult on their own. There are times that we may ask you to step out of the room to try this behavior management technique.