Parent’s Role

Help make the experience a positive one.

First thing first, be honest with your child if he or she has questions about their appointment. If you're unsure of the answers to their questions, simply say "I don't know, we'll have to ask Dr. Kady." And be careful about how you talk about the dental appointment. For instance, don't say 'the dentist is going to give you a shot." You may have good intentions in preparing your child, but the effects may backfire.

It's honestly best to let us do the talking during your child's appointment. We'll walk them through all that will happen, but use language and approaches suited to your child's age and understanding. We ask that you support whatever behavior approach we feel suits your child's best. Please remember that treatment always proceeds more smoothly when there is total parent cooperation.

Don't be alarmed if your child displays negative behavior during their dental visit. It’s not uncommon for a young child to be having a bad day or for a 1-year-old to cry throughout their entire appointment. Maybe it’s because we see it every day, but we know these things are natural experiences and reactions. The thing to remember is that we’re prepared to complete their treatment in an efficient and effective manner that will be complete with praise and rewards.